Monday, June 20, 2011

Good friends, good food, new life......

Roseanne asked me to come to dinner yesterday! It turns out, her oldest daughter was in town with her little girl so I not only got to see her, but also her son and his beautiful family and another young couple who are very close to the family. I was so sleepy after the meeting that I finally laid across the bed with Miya and before I knew it - at least two hours had passed by. Yum - the most delicious sleep in the world. I put on the dress I bought for summer - beach, gatherings, etc., and BigD got a picture of me just before I left.  I really like this one so much better than the other one that all but fell apart when it was washed. This one fits so good, I may even cut it off and wear it for more non-casual wear. I wore the little jeweled silver flip flops and one of the little twin girls was very quick to tell me how much she "loved' my shoes.  Such a sweetie.  We had the twin girls, Bri's daughter who will be welcoming a baby sister soon, and Katarina and B's  little boy and little girl. I love watching these little ones interact as I watched their parents do when they were younger with my babies.  When I walked in, I saw her little Lani and immediately called her KennaKat which was wrong!  I couldn't get over how much she looks like her cousin.  She is really starting to look more like her beautiful Mom with her Dad's blue, blue eyes. I know they are all excited about the upcoming addition to their little family. GM cooked some ribs on the grill that were delicous with a huge salad and other side dishes. Of course we all had a little wine before dinner and Roseanne was as excited as I was that KJ was on sale this weekend.  After dinner, Roseanne brought out her famous blackberry and cream pies! OMGoodness - could they be any better? I could sit down and eat an entire pie by myself.  It was nice getting caught up with everyone and watching the babies.  Made me homesick for my own babies but I'm not going to whine because I will have ALL OF THEM with me in a few days!  They are all coming in as well as Ann's family for the family reunion on Sunday.  BigD and I are almost quivering with anticipation.  I can't wait to see the pictures Page2 got on her trip.  She comes home from her grand adventure today.  I know her Mom and Dad can't want to see her too. I have decided that it is impossible to take a bad picture of Bri here with her little bundle showing so prettily.
I love this picture of Alex and his little friend. Guess who put the pretty clovers in her hair - yep - Alex. She is one of the twins and such a sweetie. Actually, she isn't the prissy one - her sister is.
This is a picture of her Mom with Bri - another friendship that is standing the test of time and distance. They have been friends since they were children and are still there for each other in every way possible.
Pretty KennaKat - she was shy with me last night but today she was totally comfortable. She and her brother and Mom came to work in service with me this afternoon. It wasn't as long as we hoped but at least Katarina got to go on a good call. I enjoyed visiting with the two of them while we were waiting in the car.
And of course little Lani. Isn't she a dumpling? I love that little denim skirt and her little silver ballet flats. The good news about her having a sister is she will have so many lovely clothes already in her closet! I wish I had taken a picture of the deck - the flowers are so pretty in their big pots. I really need to do something about mine but I can't even remember to water the few I have. Roseanne and I will be heading up to Bri's and Kurt's and Leah's in a few weeks. I'll stay with mine and she'll stay with hers and we are going to the convention with them. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. I'm looking forward to the convention too! It was a lovely surprise to see you pull up for dinner last night. As usual, I enjoyed my time with you. I'm going to have to steal your picture of A & C, it's adorable :) Thanks for entertaining my kids in the car, I'm looking forward to Thursday!

  2. That's right - ya'll will be in VA too. I told Brianna to get Nathan to save us a seat too since Marlan and I are officially "traveling" in the same car. She said she didn't think he would feel right saving for "all" of us. :( Would be nice to all sit close to each other since we are going to be there. I was surprised to see you guys too and it made me smile too. Looking forward to Thursday too!!

  3. Love the Pics. Enjoyed dinner so much with everyone.


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