Saturday, June 11, 2011

Has it really only been two years?

Has it only been two years since we lost I.T.? Sometimes it seems longer ago and other times it feels like yesterday. I'm sure his family are thinking of him tonight and remembering their last moments with him. I hope this year has been easier than the one before for them. Only time passing seems to take the sting of losing someone so loved. I'm so happy we have the wonderful hope of seeing our loved ones again - thinking of losing them without that hope all but takes your breath away. When I look at pictures of I.T. when he was younger, I look forward to seeing him like that again. I hope his family can feel the love we all have for him and them on this date.
I miss seeing you on your tractor; miss sharing jokes and laughing; miss being with you at one of our favorite places in the world; miss being able to pick up the phone and hearing your voice on the other end; miss being able to pour my heart out to you about anything that was happening at the time and knowing you truly cared; I SO miss your wisdom. I deeply miss the love you showed to me and my family and will treasure my memories with you forever.

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