Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to reality.....

We woke up Sunday to the knowledge that it was time to head back to reality. Since everything about our trip was so nice, it wasn't as hard as it could have been. Even though it was hot, every day was gorgeous and special to us. On Saturday we had lunch at Ballyhoo's and it was delicious. We were sorry the owner (Mae's grandson) wasn't there but we were not sorry we had lunch there. We got there a little after the lunch rush and the service was great. Roseanne got a nice, juicy hamburger and waffle fries and I got the Spinach Wrap and Sweet Potato fries. They say a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words - I think this picture says it all don't you?  Since we had used all our coffee, we decided to pick up breakfast on our way out Sunday. Everything was packed and ready to go - except - for - PRINCESS MIYA CHULA YUM-YUM who decided she wasn't ready to leave.  She got way up underneath Eileen's king sized bed and Roseanne was laying flat on the floor trying to coax her out while I was squeezed down as far as I could get between the wall and bed on the other side with the long duster trying to push her out.  THAT didn't work.  SO - I closed the door and we went to pick up some sorely needed coffee and breakfast.  After we ate - I opened the door and she was right there - all poised  to take off again. GOTCHA!  Poor Roseanne is allergic to cats - especially Siamese. As long as Miya didn't get close to her face, she was okay.  She was careful each night to close the door to her room so Miya couldn't climb on the bed with her. That worked well until Roseanne woke up to her sleeping on the bed one morning. Oh my.....she is a curious little bugger.
Time to say good-bye again. Thank you so much Eileen and LC for sharing your wonderful slice of Paradise with us. We both appreciate it more than you will ever imagine. Speaking of reality, I have been home all day trying to wade through laundry (BigD got back yesterday from a fishing trip) and paperwork.


  1. Ahhh the reality of laundry. That is the true sign that the vacation is over...even if it is mostly big D's. I was wondering how her allergies would hold up with the cat. Glad it wasn't too bad. I want to reach my hand through the screen and eat those sweet potato fries...they look yummmy!

  2. Have you had a problem making comments?

  3. No. But blogspot does have random issues every now and then. So strange!


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