Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wachapreague, fishing, bites......

BigD had a good fishing trip this past week while Roseanne and I were down East.  There were 10 guys on this particular trip and even though they usually stay in Wachapreague, this year they found a nice house right on the water a little further South.
He is getting real good at taking pictures with his little phone. I am constantly amazed by some of the pictures we get on our cheap little phones - sometimes better than my "new" camera.
Here are a few of the guys who went this year. BigD always calls me each evening to let me know "they got back in". I act pretty casual about it but am actually waiting for that call every afternoon I know they have gone out. My dear hubby has no fear when it comes to taking a small boat out into the big, bad ocean so someone has to be concerned.
He really liked the place they stayed in and kept talking about how the young guys were cleaning the fish. When he got home, he mentioned it again saying, "I think this is the first fishing trip I've ever been on that I didn't clean the fish". I'm sure he was out there overseeing everything. :) I have never known another man who gets as much out of fishing as my husband. Anyone who thinks that going out with him is going to be a walk in the park has another think coming. He works at it but enjoys every moment of it. I have wonderful memories of our trips with GG and David. Nothing like being on a boat on the salt water with the sun, wind, birds, and slapping of the water against the boat. It takes a few hours to really feel yourself winding down the first day. This was before cell phones so there you are - no phones, no job, no housework - just you, your loved ones and nature at it finest.
Speaking of nature - this is not it's finest. Yep - I've been eaten alive again by who knows what. I was asleep but realized I was trying to scratch the back of my leg last night. This morning I realized something had been chewing on me through the night. The pictures don't show how red and swollen the whole area is  has become. I also noticed I have new bites on the back of the same arm as before.
All I know for sure is that I'm miserable again. The ones on my leg are really bothering me because the bites are right where your leg touches chairs, car seats, recliners - you get the picture. I've put some of the cream I got for the last bites and used it this morning and tonight as directed. Please let it start working sooner than later but I'm not holding out much hope. I had to drop some things off to Roseanne at Urgent Care to take to Virginia with her for Leah to pick up before Page2 leave for DC and NY. She is going up to be with her daughter when she finds out what sex her baby is going to be.  Exciting!!  I showed the bites on my arm to Sher and we pretty much agree that my body just reacts very strongly to anything alien to it. Too bad it doesn't react that way to fat isn't it? I noticed the blisters that had appeared so sent these pictures to her and another friend to get their opinion. I'm going to call the Vet tomorrow to see if they can clip Miya's nails, apply flea meds (even though I still can't see any - but just in case) and listen to her heart for me so I can call the cardiologist with the results. I was going to take my car to be serviced but don't think I'll have time for all of that. Maybe next week. Today was Page2's last day of school.  Wow - she will be in the 5th grade next year - when did that happen?!  Her Mom is trying to get everything ready for the big trip this coming weekend.  What a grand adventure she will have.  I can't wait to hear all about it. 


  1. I cannot believe all of those bites! Man, that must be miserable. It's nice that Big D enjoys fishing so much, I believe everyone should have atleast one thing that they absolute love doing. Has he always been that good at calling each night, or has he gotten better over the years? I can see how that would be stressful, with not knowing...

  2. He has always called since he started going outside - Sometimes I've gotten the impression he was relieved but I don't ask for details anymore. :) He is better about everything since he has gotten older - much better


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