Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bites are taking on a life of their own....

This is getting crazy - the bites on the back of my leg are going nuts. The cream I've been using wasn't  helping at all. My leg was tight and the red was spreading.
I took these pictures before I left to take Miya to the Vet's office. Of course, everyone there was freaking out about my arm and leg - especially my leg. I told them I thought it was severe reaction to flea bites and they were like - NO - it can't be that. The young woman who was going to put Miya's flea meds on and clip her nails came in and I showed her my leg and said; "what is it?" and she said "fleas". She said she has bad reactions too. The mystery of the day is that neither of us saw fleas on Miya BUT they could still be in my house. As many of you already know, my house had fleas before Miya moved in and the meds we put on her helped get rid of them. 
Miya was quite anxious while they were clipping her nails and applying the flea medication. She hates that medication - acts like she can almost taste it. We put her back in her cage so she could calm down before they checked her heart rate. We were very pleased with her heart rate - 152!!! I couldn't wait to call her cardiologist who was also happy because that means her meds are helping her. Whew - don't feel like such a bad Mommy right now. I called my dermatologist about my leg. They couldn't work me in but knew about my previous visit to Urgent Care for the bites on my upper arm a few weeks ago. They called in a prescription for a very, very strong cream. If it doesn't help, they will try their best to work me in tomorrow. I made sure the cream wouldn't interact negatively with my other meds and told the pharmacist how they had hoped I could take Zyrtec. She told me I can take it 12 hours before the other med for two or three days and might sleep but if I felt I needed it to use it. I put the new cream on and am so hoping it will do the trick. I almost stayed home but really didn't want to miss the meeting. I was so dreading everyone freaking out about my reactions - especially my leg. Of course the larger blister started oozing during the meeting which made things worse.
Everyone thinks it is poison oak/ivy and it does look like it but I'm still quite sure it is some kind of bite. Please let the cream  do the trick. Of course, one of the bites on my arm has red spreading out from it so I can't win.

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  1. Oh My Goodness! This is terrible :( It's no fair that you came home from a great trip and have to deal with this! I hope the dermatologist gets you in soon and I hope they find SOMETHING that will make it go away. Let me know if I can do anything for you.


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