Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things that make us go hummmmmm......

No - not in a bad way - in a good way. I know - I usually say things that make you go ahhhhhh but hummmmm seems more appropriate. Yesterday was soooooo stressful and today has been the complete opposite. Maybe I am learning some good things in my old age. Even though I put myself even further behind in my time, I knew this morning that I needed to stay home today. If nothing else, I knew my body needed at least one more day to get past the physical reactions it had yesterday with the chemicals. It has been a beautiful day with the front door open so I can look out at the gorgeous sun shining on the green leaves of the trees. I've washed tons of clothes (most of them BigD or bedding), cleaned the kitchen again, found out we finally got the right pillow for BigD to replace the old one that was so lumpy and mis-shapen I threw it away, had Shen's study over Skype and made some much needed phone calls. One in particular should have been made over a month ago when I realized our cable "bundle plan" had run out and our bill was through the roof. BigD reminded me today to "getherdone" so I did. I also scheduled some bills to be paid on the computer and realized I have GOT to do some accounting work soon. Since I stayed up late studying last night, I was pretty much home free with that today. I have eaten a wonderful dinner of grilled pork chops, baked seasoned french fries and sauteed fresh asparagus spears with french herbs. YUM.  The only thing that would have made it better was a nice glass of wine but alas, I have the meeting tonight.
Leah just called to say she finally got up with her Mom to see how Page2 is doing. It turns out her Mom just wasn't answering the phone. She finally called her Dad who told her they had been quite busy and had not gotten back to the hotel until midnight. We aren't sure at this point what they did but we are hoping it was fun. I love talking on the phone to Leah and Kurt these days - they both sound so happy.  I was telling her about the place we will be for the reuion and she got so excited. BigD told her to tell Kurt to bring his fly rod. We are also going to get a badminton net for the kids or maybe a volley ball so more can play.  We are all excited we will all be together with Ann's family too - can't wait.  So - now to get off this computer, get dressed and get to the meeting on time!!!!  Oops - almost forgot to mention the pictures. Yep - they are the same roses I bought last Friday for our little "to do" and they are still beautiful!!!  So - maybe I will try Wal Mart's flowers again. 

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