Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More pictures to share from Sunday night's dinner....

My dahlink Katarina posted some lovely pictures she took from our dinner on Sunday night. Since she "snatched" a few of mine for her own blog, I returned the favor and "snatched" a few of hers for mine.
I love, love, love this picture of Roseanne. She is surrounded by most of her babies and some friends and it shows how happy she is in this picture. I'm going to have that feeling this weekend and can't wait!!!!
Her two granddaughters just can't get enough of their Nani. Roseanne was blessed with two daughters and two sons - with the boys being in the middle between the girls. It was almost like she had two sets of kids - one with an older sister, younger brother and the other with an older brother and younger sister. They are all beautiful, responsible adults whom I love dearly.
Here is Bri's princess - such a pretty little girl. So much like her beautiful Mom who will soon be introducing this little one to her new sister.
We have eaten many meals together over the years but there are evenings when there are just the right amount of people, the right people, the right food, the right mood, the right weather......you get the picture. It was a lovely evening......


  1. I actually didn't steal any or your pictures...yet :)
    It was that kind of evening for sure!
    Looking forward to Thursday :)

  2. Oops - snatch away. :)


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