Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Are you wondering what that word means? It means miscellaneous. I know - why not just say miscellaneous? I guess I'm just curious about what other words means the same thing as the words I use on a daily basis. Maybe this has come about from the fact I love to read. Once I learned how to read, there was no stopping me. I used to read everything - the backs of hair spray cans, my Dad's Preparation-H box (who knew that particular item would become my friend one day), magazines, the newspaper - if it was printed - I read it. I think I have mentioned how much my Mom loved reading - she was never without a book. I'm getting ahead of myself here. The weather has been really nice the past few days. After the meeting on Sunday, Ami
asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her. I followed her to her new apartment while she changed clothes. The little street she lives on dead-ends in a little circle and that is where her garage apartment is. She has a view of the sweet little pool surrounded by a nice wooden deck and the fire pit where the family have gatherings. The couple who live in the house have two small children and two nice dogs. I was feeling so good knowing that she is probably in one of the safest places she could be in. We went to a nice area down the street and found a cool sandwich shop.
The pictures aren't too good - sometimes my phone does a great job. The food was wonderful. Ami got the wrap and I got a chicken salad sandwich which was delicious. We walked through a nice hardware store. I know - I can't explain it but I love to meander through hardware stores. They have such nice little treasures you can't find any where else. Monday was a great day.  Everyone quit early so I enjoyed watching Princess Miya doing her thing.
Between the little animals that run through our yard and the traffic our front, her little neck gets a work-out. She is our watch-cat! Yesterday after service, I headed over to Raleigh to Quail Ridge Books & Music. It is located in an area I used to frequent when I worked in our Raleigh office. It was nice driving through the pretty old streets with the big yards full of trees in that area.
As you know, I met one of my favorite authors - well the big news is I am now her friend on FB and I read her blog. She is the one who told me about Quail Ridge Books. They found me all but one of her Sigrid Harald series that were written before the Deborah Knott series. I had only read two of them so was really excited I would be able to get them all. They had another of her books that I thought I had read so I sat in the little reading circle to read the end of the book. As soon as I started reading, I knew I had read it. I got interested in it and then looked up and the nice lady who was helping me was coming across the circle and with her was ----drum roll ---- my new "friend" and the author of the books I was looking at.
Evidently the sales clerk thought it would be nice for her to sign my books but as soon as I looked up, we both recognized each other from the ballet. She sat down across from me and we had a nice talk. I told her I knew the secret about her next book and hopefully will be able to attend her book signing in November. She laughed and said she thought I had enough to hold me until then. I have started the first one and plan to read the other two I have read in the order they were written (might not read every word of those two). I love it when I'm right about someone. Ever since I read my first of her books, I just knew I would like this lovely woman. My sadness is that my dear sweet Ann didn't live long enough to know all about my being able to meet her not only once - but twice. My Ann was an excellent writer also and I know she would have been just as successfull if she had allowed her dear hubby to do what he wanted and submit them for publication. She was satisfied that her family, me, Page and Ruth have enjoyed them.  I called a friend who was with me when I met her the first time and she was thrilled for me too.  It is hard to explain to someone who doesn't love a good book.  When you find a writer who never lets you know - what a joy to wait for their new books to come out so you can gobble them up. Yesterday was also exciting because we found our Kurt got the job he had applied for last month. He has had to wait for an extensive background check to be completed and he found out he got the job!  We are all soooo excited for him and Leah. I helped write his resignation letter and he told me today they accepted it. I talked with Page last night and she wasn't too happy about her job but tonight she sounded so much better even though she was stopping on the way home from work to get dinner and it was 9:22PM!  Leah told me yesterday her parents and Page2 are having fun.  Can't wait to see all the pictures of their grand adventure. Today wasn't a good day. It started out great - worked in walking territory, placed a book with a nice lady and then stopped by the house to use the rest room. When I came in  - BigD had already set off three flea bombs - thinking that I had taken Miya to the vet. I was so stressed and ran into the bedroom where the bomb was still going off to see if I could find her.  We both got sprayed and were coughing ourselves silly. We got wet towels and were trying to get her out but kept having to go outside. Eileen came in and tried to help us. Long story short, I let them take my car so a friend could keep an appointment and then I drove Eileen back to get her car. I had called the 800 number on the can and except for coughing - making sure we get showers and wash out our eyes and wipe Miya down with a wet towel, we didn't need to worry too much. I called Keith and he met me at their house and gave me a shirt and pj bottoms.  I took a shower and when his Mom got home, I had just finished.
Yep - the reason for the flea bombs - I'm being bitten again. The big difference is I still have the heavy duty cream so maybe these won't take on a life of their own. So I got one hour in service today. Roseanne called to say she wasn't going to go out tomorrow - her hubby is going to work on her car. Eileen said she wanted to go so maybe I can get a few more hours. So there you have it - the heterogeneous (or miscellaneous) happenings of my life so far this week. Scratch, scratch.......


  1. Bit again? Man! I am really hoping that these doing get out of hand like the others. Here's to hoping...
    I LOVE meandering through hardware stores! The smaller and more quaint, the better. There's one of Franklin street that I would frequent after I got done with work. Just to walk through and touch the random pieces of hardware, tools, the smell of grease....
    I'm so happy for Kurt, hurray! Hopefully all goes well!
    I can't wait to see the pictures of Page2's adventure!!

  2. That's so cool that you got to meet the author again! Did she sign your books?
    I never knew your sister liked writing.


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