Saturday, June 4, 2011

Almost over......

Oh well - I didn't get to sleep until quite late last night while feeling really bad because I had failed to get Miya's meds in her the night before and she was still hiding. When she finally tried to get in bed with me later - I knew I had to get up and give her the meds. Then I couldn't get back to sleep! Arggghhh!! I finally gave up and started reading my book again to go back to sleep. It felt like I had just gone to sleep when I heard Roseanne making coffee and getting ready to walk on the beach. I decided to opt out of a walk this morning and take it easy. I can't believe this is our last day here. It makes me remember the few times we went to the coast for a week when I was still young.  I don't know how Mama and Daddy did it with all of us girls. I was just talking to Roseanne about it and how the last two years we came as a whole family for a week - my parents let me bring my friend Eileen. I know that was an added expense as far a food but Mama not only knew how to make any spot we were in for longer than a day feel like home; but how to stretch a dollar to the limit. I wonder if that is the reason I always unpack my suitcase when I go somewhere and put things away as if I live there?  BigD never unpacks his suitcase - even if we are at the coast for a whole week.  I used to unpack for him, but he asked me not to since he knows where everything is when he wants it. Go figure.
I decided to open the blinds and let the outside in - at least until it gets too hot. Roseanne decided to organize some of the treasures she bought in Beaufort yesterday. We both love pottery (even though I have  NO ROOM for any more) and we both love dragonflies.
Roseanne bought the bigger one and I chose the smaller one that has a Baked Brie recipe in it. I plan to use mine for my fruit salads. Some people will never understand what that means - but eating out of a plate or bowl you love makes everything you eat out of it taste special. Kind of like when I drink tea out of one of my dragonfly cups I bought from the same shop many years ago.
We are trying to decide what we want to do on our last day in this little piece of paradise. Sit around the lovely cottage and watch shows we never have time to watch, read our books, and eat our special treats or get in the hot car and drive in the weekend traffic to go to shops and spend more money we don't have? Hmmmmm - that should be a no brainer but we'll see.


  1. So sad that it's over. The days always go by too quickly don't they? LOVE your dragonfly dishes!

  2. I don't know why I keep doing that.


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