Friday, June 3, 2011

Emerald Isle 2011......

Yep - Roseanne and I are one of my favorite places (and now one of hers) - Eileen's lovely beach cottage.  I just can't imagine what else she could do to make this place more of a Paradise than it is!  I LOVE the fireplace - got a picture for BigD to look at to see if it is what we want in our living room if we ever switch to gas and get a new TV.
I guess you could say Princess Miya likes it. As a matter of fact, she likes this entire cottage. Daisy isn't here this time and she is the ruler of the roost so to speak. We left Wednesday morning and "stopped by" Krispy Kreme to pick up a few (a dozen) chocolate glazed doughnuts.
And if you think we only got two of them you are NUTS! Great news is there were 3 left as of today and they may not get eaten at all - we'll see said the blind man.
Since I forgot my bathing suit and we needed just a few things from the grocery, we drove to Wally-World and I bought a floral bathing suit that is really a bathing dress. Yeah - I already look like a beached whale so let's add a few flowers to the mix. We ate at Chowda-Head our first evening down and it was yummy. We were going to eat at Ballyhoo but they were closed and wouldn't be open until after we wanted to eat. Last night we had sauteed salmon, roasted veggie, and wine. Yesterday we made the rounds to Swansboro, Cedar Point and all in between. We had yummy hot dogs and cherry cokes at Yana's and Roseanne blew her wad in the shop next door. Hot dogs, cherry cokes and she got one small order of fries - $20.00!!!! Cha-ching. I got BigD a new shirt and we picked up a few other doo-dads. Today we drove over to Beaufort and had a scrumptious lunch on the waterfront. I bought a cool pair of earrings and a little button for the both of us.
BigD has called from Chesapeake area every evening when they get in to let me know how it is going with him. I can tell he is having a good time but all he asks me every evening is - "are ya'll behaving yourself?". What could he mean? Why would he ask that? Could it be, he is hearing the Cha-Chings all the way up there? Man - are we both back in debt but you know - we are on VACATION!! It isn't like we have bought only for ourselves (well at least Roseanne didn't). LOLOL We bought a bottle of another of my favorite wines in Beaufort for tonight and are just resting.  Roseanne has read one book and half-way through another and I'm still working on Margaret Maron's latest.  It has been so much fun being on her FB and hearing all they things she and her friends talk about writing. How did I know she would be so nice and down to earth? Hmmmm  We found out on our way down that my friend who died a year ago yesterday's youngest daughter's twins are going to be a girl and a boy!  We were squealing when we found out and are trying to stay in close touch with her to show as much support as we can.  She misses her Mama.  So a few more pictures from our little escape to Paradise and maybe more later.......
So - Roseanne and I will say so long - don't be tooooooo jealous.....and yes BigD - we ARE behaving ourselves. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk

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  1. I have been thinking the same thing, have you been behaving yourselves? hee hee ;) Looks like a great time! So happy you both got to get away! Beautiful picture of the sunset.


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