Friday, June 24, 2011

The Kikuchis are in the house......

My sister's family got in last night safe and sound after a very long drive.  They rented a van this time so they could all fit. After getting settled in the hotel and having dinner they came right over.  I couldn't wait to see my Lolo - of course we both were a little weepy.  She has really missed my sister but especially since the 50th anniversary came and went a few months ago with all the memories and sadness that she didn't live long enough to celebrate it. They made very good time and got here pretty early.  They stayed awhile but I could tell they were tired from the trip so we agreed they would come here tomorrow so we could all go down to Ann's grave together. BigD drove and Tad rode with us which gave us a chance to "really" get caught up.  He has lost a lot of weight and said food just doesn't taste that good.  He is trying to adjust to being alone after being with someone for almost 50 years so he knows it may never happen.
We all stood back and let Tad walk up first and take the sweetheart roses he brought for her. They were her favorite flower for corsages and he gave her a corsage every year on their anniversary. Then BigD and I stood back so Lolo, Michael, Naoki and Warren could go up. Lolo brought long stem red roses for everyone to place on the headstone. Michael brought a picture of himself with some awards he won.
Warren wanted to see some of our family's graves as well as the one that lists my great aunt's maiden name with her husband's name underneath it in smaller letters. We all got a kick out of that one. Lolo text messaged me that as soon as we pulled off (we had to wait for them for a few minutes) Michael broke down pretty bad. He really misses his grandmother. We drove the back way to Creedmoor to pick up some cucumbers, fresh corn and a watermelon. Then we stopped by Bob's BBQ and headed home the back way. After eating - they headed over to Raleigh to visit with Tad's 93 year old brother and his family. I can't wait for Page2 to see Michael's new hair cut - it is very, very short. And he has gotten so tall - he really wanted to think he was 5' but we measured him and he was an inch short. :)  Had a really long email from Page telling me how ready she is to be home and see everyone. BigD called Kurt who was on his way home but then Leah called and was at a standstill in traffic.  There was a brush fire on the highway ahead of her.  I think we are going to have take-out from Page's favorite Chinese restaurant tonight when she gets in.  Her flight is supposed to land at 9pm.  Woo Hoo - pretty soon - my whole family will be in the house too!

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