Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long day full of emotions.....

Today first day of District Convention at the RBC in Raleigh. I borrowed Page1's cloth bag (that I covet) and carried very little today. Trying to go lighter. The sister we are riding with insists we get to her house by 7:30am meaning I have to be up at 6:00am. The RBC is no more than 20 minutes away! Have been getting constant updates about Pat since the accident. He has shown great improvement daily and a lot quicker than anticipated. I have hated that I've had to work and could not go be with my friend and her family. Today was the first day of the convention so Fran, Tad and I decided to leave right before the last session and go see for ourselves how things are. I am so glad we did. I always enjoy this wonderful couple, their beautiful daughters and their families. Things are almost settling down a little but there is a long road ahead to full recovery I'm sure.
The convention today was excellent - except for the hard seats and no leg room. We got two new releases - a DVD about Creation and the part I missed - we were told we are getting a new Song book and they played five of the songs. My friends said tears were flowing so I'm hoping to hear it on my friends MP3 player. We stopped to get something to eat and then noticed the HOT sign was on the Krispy Kreme shop and HAD to buy some. It looks like someone else has found the same Krispy Kreme place we found. Isn't she the cutest thing? She gets prettier every time I see her. What a sweet family Bran and Trina have and they are both such good parent. Got home late so couldn't bake cookies as promised. Oh well - can't do everything. I'm tired.

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