Friday, August 21, 2009

How do you not love this man? I sent a copy of this picture Little D sent Big D and me via his telephone while he was in the dentist office to a lot of my friends with exactly that same question.He has a wicked sense of humor and is completely guileless. When other boys were going through those teenage years of trying to come across as super cool, he was always himself - always ready to do the outrageous because it "felt good" and that made him "super-cool". Never one to take himself so seriously that he lost who he really was. I love a self-confident man myself - - - When did my funny little boy become a man? Let me see - was it when he got married? Was it when he moved away from home to try something new? Was it when he knew he was going to have a baby? Or was it when little Page came so early, everything in his world was focused on one thing - keeping her alive and safe. Or was it when he realized there are a lot of things we "can" do but that doesn't necessarily mean we "should" do them? Or when he didn't like his job but knew he had to stay until he decided what to do and had another one? Or was it all of those things added together and so much more? Isn't it those things that make us grow - some much easier than others but becoming more aware of reality - that is when we really start growing up. Because the reality is everything else is vanity and striving after the wind.

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