Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay - normal. What is normal? Normal isn't how I feel and haven't for almost 2 weeks now. Tired of coughing. Hopefully Roseanne's life is getting back to "normal". For a short period of time there, the multiple overwhelming, crisis driven events that she was having to cope with were coming at her so quickly, her "normal" was a state of constant readiness for what was coming next. Sad to say, there are people who have overwhelming incidents piggy back for a long period of time and those people don't feel normal any longer unless there is drama, crisis and intense emotional feelings all the time. Of all the people I know, Roseanne will definitely not be one of those people.How do you not love that laugh!! So finally, things are settling down and hopefully getting back to normal. Her new son-in-law to be has gotten a job that will allow him to continue in his full time ministry!Her son is scheduled to leave the intense rehab facility in Charlotte on September 2 to return home and complete Occupational and Physical Therapy. Her oldest daughter has pretty much recovered from her surgery and her new granddaughter is growing every day. Her youngest son and his lovely family are still shaken by being robbed "again" but moving forward and her baby girl is focusing on her wedding once again. A friend took some phone pictures at a picnic bridal shower from a week or so again and I love them.It looks like love is still in the air and Roseanne and Little D took advantage of the playground equipment.She and Little D have always had a very close relationship and let me ask you - does that look like a woman who craves drama and crisis? I don't think so! The girl who took the pictures commented that she hadn't seen Little D in awhile but that he hasn't changed a bit.Mine and Roseanne's response to that is that we sure hope he doesn't. Thankfully he has learned to use comic relief to take away a lot of the pressures of everyday life. My Mama could "always" find something to laugh about. I don't care what was happening, what the situation was - she could find joy within herself and would always generously share it with those around her. Miss you Mama.


  1. Little D is such a one of a kind! He is so great! He was such a relief to all of us when we were so miserable in the hospital those first few days. I Love these pictures! The one of Roseanne laughing at P's wedding is hysterical! And I love Little-D on the slide. And the one of K&M is really cute! Loved seeing you tonight!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments Katrina - you are the only one who comments. I don't even know who Mommy is? Do you? I'll have to admit, it is almost therapeutic when I have a little tiny bit of time to write a little here. I had no idea when I started this that I would continue but as long as I can find some time, I'm going to keep going. Still have a lot to learn and want to change the "look" of my page. What do you think?


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