Friday, August 21, 2009

Enough already.....

Okay - this is getting ridiculous! I have been sick forever!! I know I have coughed up a lung by now. Not really, it just feels like it. Drug myself out yesterday evening to meet Ger and go on her studies with her.Both studies were good and I decided to call my study and it turned out she could have hers last night too. So we went to Cook-Out, picked up something to eat for us and Big D - Ger ate her's while I took Big D his, then I ate mine while she drove to the study. Multi-tasking at it's best. We had a great study and then I came home and collapsed! Woke this morning still sick - no voice (over-did it last night I guess). No service today - Dwight feels I sound worse and wants me to stay in so while I'm having a pity party I'll wallow in it some more.

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