Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting to know my team better.....

Okay - I had my appointment with my Cancer team today. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that word. Even though I may never have to go through the process that normally goes with it (hopefully), it is still something I will think about often. First I checked in with Pat & Val who are both so sweet and friendly. Most of the people who come here are so sick that it makes me feel a little guilty. For the most part, they are so positive and upbeat and that makes me feel positive. Baily called me back before I could get into a good article in one of the magazines which is very unusual. My BP was great and she did a good job of drawing my blood. After she put me in a room, I saw Dr. Jimmy walk by and he stopped to speak so I got a picture of him and he was as upbeat as ever with those crazy eyebrows of his. And then the PA came in. She wasn't the same one I saw on my first two appointments and she was happy to answer some of new questions. The blood work is to track my LDH and if they change in anyway, I will get a phone call and it will be determined if I need to get further testing. I really liked this young woman. She told me some things she wanted me to watch for and I told her about the stress I have been under with working, my friends wreck, and not having time for anything. I also talked about my weight and she agreed with me that WW is the best plan but said she didn't want me to start WW until after I have stopped working. She said it would just be another stressor. I appreciated the time and interest she took and that she basically said, yes, what you have is low grade and slow growing if you are part of the majority - but - that doesn't mean you don't have to be aware yourself and the fact that you do have cancer. They are going to stretch out the time between appointments and want me to be more in tune with what to look for. Overall - very positive visit - and then one of the managers of one of the company's clients called and was horrid because one of our interpreters made a mistake. I have a hard time with people in service industries that have no idea of all that entails. They aren't providing a service just for their clients - their clients are everyone they come in contact with including their own employees and vendors. Hello - Customer Service 101?

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