Monday, August 10, 2009

Been too long....

Wow - my dear childhood and early adult friend Eileen whom I've known forever joined me for a full day of service today! J.R. took our picture when we took a lunch break at the KH with her lovely Blackberry which she dearly loves. I don't blame her - it has everything she needs including a GPS. It has been many years since we were in the ministry together so it felt really special to me. We are having a good time getting "caught-up" but have so much to remember at the same time. As I've always said, there's no friends like old friends - especially if they are as "old" as you are! :-) I also enjoyed working with another old friend who has moved back to our congregation. It was nice getting caught up with her too. Now let's talk about how hot it was - over 100 degrees. At one door I felt like I was breathing solid air - it was freaky. Does that make sense? No and neither does 100 degrees!!

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