Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lingerie for the Bride......

Lauren had her Durham lingerie shower last night and even though I avoid showers for the most part, I really enjoyed this one. For one thing it is for my dear Lauren who is very special to me and the other is it was the first time (other than having my lungs x-rayed) that I've been out of the house in almost a week.Everything was beautiful and the girls did it up right as they always do. With a lot of help, they had a nice feast including chocolate dipped fruit, meatballs, artichoke dip (yum) and a fun game of family feud. The side who won could pick the outfit Lauren had to model for us. That was painful. She finally modeled one of the more modest and looked really pretty in. Everyone seemed to have a really good time and there were some great pictures. One of my favorite is Lauren with all but one of her attendants. What a beautiful group of women.A little less than 2 months to go to Wedding Day. She had her wedding portrait taken yesterday also and her hair and make-up were perfection.Dar was and will be responsible for her makeup and this was an excellent trial run. It was natural but truly made her glow. Of course Ash has been doing hair so long and really knows how to pull off the natural look too.Honestly, her hair stayed looking greateven after trying on her lingerie and it looked like she just casually tossed it up herself. How can things go wrong with so much talent? I will have to say that one of my favorite of her gifts and I think one she and her beloved will use a lot was the snuggli.They do live in the mountains and it gets cold up there in the winter. I think I would love one of those (if I ever got cold again which isn't likely any time soon). Maybe WHEN I lose this weigh, the thermostat will come down a little? Little D, Leah and Page2 always have quilts and throws in their living room and believe me, you need them in that cold house - especially in the winter. I guess that it about the only place I can say I get cold - for the most part, I'm fanning while everyone else is bundled up!

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