Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding luncheon.....

I still can't figure out this Roanoke/Raleigh-Durham connection. Little D married a girl from Roanoke and Roseanne's daughter married a boy from Roanoke who grew up with Leah. Now Lauren is marrying a Joel, boy from Roanoke! Virginia needs to stop stealing our children away! I couldn't be happier with my son's wife - she is beautiful inside and out.Anyway, Leah and I are giving Lauren her bridal luncheon in October. I know - but you can never start planning too soon is my motto. We will have it at Leah's house since Lauren lives in VA too. Wow - it is so hard to believe that little Lauren is getting married. She is Roseanne's 4th child and let's just say, she and I have always had a "special" relationship. Wasn't always pretty, but was always special. She always makes me tell people what I used to call her when she was little but I'm not going to do that now because she truly has become a lovely young woman I am proud to call a close friend. One of my best memories of both Kat and Roseanne's son who was injured is when we all started our regular pioneer careers in the same year which meant we all attended the special intense 2 week Bible based Pioneer School together at the end of that year. Isn't he handsome? That is so hard to believe - the Pioneer School was in August of 2005 which means that next month - September - will be the start of my sixth year in the full time work. What a blessing and privilege it has been and hopefully will continue to be. These pictures of that time bring back such good memories and I can't believe she is now all grown up for real and getting married in October! When did that happen? I have really missed her since she moved but our loss has been Virginia's gain.

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