Sunday, August 30, 2009

For though we slepe or wake, or rome, or ryde, Ay fleeth the tyme...Chaucer

Oh Yeah - time sure does fly - whether you are having fun or not. I'd much rather it be when I'm having fun though. Two new little girls join our family of strong women through. We had Rose and Catherine join us for the lingerie shower last night and they truly were welcomed guests. Even though they will not be raised in the same town, they will always be close as all of our children are. It was my first time holding Rose and I had heard what a snuggly little girl she is and boy is she.I never got to hold little Charli because everyone else was holding her when I would go to look for her. I love how much our children are loved by all of the congregation. I believe a book was written about how it takes a Village to raise a child - we have our own Village and it is world wide - I never want to take that for granted.I did get Charli being fed by her GMa who is also one of my dearest friends. It seems like just yesterday I met her when she had one little girl and was pregnant with her second little girl. She went on to have another girl and a son and from that she has 6 grandchildren and 2 step-grandchildren. Whew - like I said - time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....into the future...I want to fly like an eagle to the sea- Fly like an eagle.......

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  1. I LOVE this picture I took of you and Rose, you are glowing! :)


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