Friday, August 21, 2009

Missing my babies.....

My son moved out of state first. He and his wife moved to Virginia Beach for a new job opportunity and one of his wife's close friends lived there. It was a little hard but not too far and he wasn't alone. He had his wife, her friends and the congregation. Then they moved to Roanoke where his wife's family live. Page on the other hand moved 6-7 hours away to the Atlanta, GA area and lives alone. She moved down with a friend and her husband but within months was in her own apartment and has never had a roommate and still doesn't. I do pretty good but when too much time passes without me being able to see and touch them - I get a little down. They all keep themselve real busy but the past few years have been ultra busy for Page both personally and professionaly. I'm happy to say she has landed on her feet "again" and is still moving forward. I used to worry about my granddaughter not being close to me and Page always said I shouldn't worry. That Leah and Little D would keep me alive in her eyes all the time and the times she comes to be with me would always be special for her. So far, I think that has been the case, however, when she becomes a teenager, and has more connections with her friends there, how much is she going to want to come and be with old Grandmommie and Grandaddie? It is true that most of the time, we are usually all together doing fun things when they come but I hold on to each one of her visits with me alone as precious...just in case she outgrows coming to be with Granmommie one day. On the other hand, she is doing so well right now, loving school, showing so much maturity and kindness to those around her and being the best granddaughter a Granmommie could ever want. When it comes to my children, Page, Little D, Leah and Page2 - my cup runneth over.

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  1. The day you get old and boring will be a day non existent. My grandpartents have been all over the country and moved out of state by the time I was 7? Well, whenever we would visit or vice-versa, it was a time of eager anticipation. Nothing could beat my special time with my grandparents. Your little one, so much like her mom and dad and you will never bore of seeing you, trust me!


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