Friday, August 21, 2009

Technology .... and .... me.....

Okay - I do real good and then I hit a snag and get frustrated. I finally learned how to upload pictures to my Blog BUT it seems to balk at uploading "scanned" pictures. What's up with that? Those are some of my best pictures! What to do?? I have been home more this week so I've gotten a little bit caught up with a few of my "chilluns" and no, not necessarily my "birth" children. I will have to say that for some of the people I've studied with, at times it felt like giving birth. LOL - just kidding. Of course you have seen pictures of Ann and her family but before her I had the privilege of studying with Lin whose middle name I can't remember. What a delight both of these young women have been to me - and to add to that joy, they are very close friends themselves now and are raising their babies together. I also studied with another lovely sister many years and experiences ago. When I broke my arm, she and her "little ones" came to see me and Page who was here taking care of me (check out the ice bag for my migraine).Of course, they aren't little babies anymore. As a matter of fact, the oldest one is a Daddy himself now to a sweet little boy and living in Charlotte. When his brother was born and his Mom handed him to me, he started crying and when we asked him what was wrong he said, "that's my Nana".She and her husband asked me to be the oldest one's "guardian" mother. After discussing it with Big D, I agreed. Then the second one was born and again, I agreed. Then they moved to Florida for awhile and had the third little boy at which time Big D told her they had to never travel in the same car or on the same plane together! She has been a faithful sister through more trials than most women will ever imagine. Two things have been unwavering in her - her love of her children and her Creator.

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  1. I love her, she has always been such a great, sweet woman. Her smiles to me warm my heart on days I'm at the meetings, struggling with the children, it's good encouragement on days that I feel like I can't take one more straw.


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