Tuesday, August 25, 2009


BON JOUR!!! Roseanne and I snuck away to the movies today (which we LOVE to do) and saw a movie we are both passionate about - Julie and Julia!We both grew up with Julia Childs and have always loved her extravagant gestures, larger than life persona and passion for what she loved whether it be her cooking, food itself or her dear sweet husband. I'll have to admit, Dan Akroyd nailed her on SNL :-) but Meryl Streep actually "became" Julia in this movie!I hope my hacking cough didn't disturb too many people but I'll have to say it was just what the doctor ordered for a little break.You notice that Julia has on flats because she and her sister were very tall women! Poor Meryl had to wear platform high heels to pull off the height in the movie but she was wonderful! We found ourselves reaching out to hold each other's hands throughout the whole movie! Now we are on a mission to find Julia's original cookbook for ourselves and we are going to try to start cooking together on a regular basis! We have talked about it many times but maybe this time we will be able to steal the time to do something we both enjoy - trying new recipes! BON APPETITE!!!!!

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