Monday, October 12, 2009

Bridal Luncheon and Good-byes.....

Drove up to Virginia Friday afternoon, unloaded the car including Miya, arranged all the flowers I brought from home and got back in the car with Leah for grocery shopping. We finished at a new WalMart that was HUGE! Little D had fixed me a wonderful omelet when we got back home - yum! The luncheon for Lauren (here with little Rose)went well on Saturday -everyone seemed to like what we had and it was nice just being together. Big D stayed to eat with the "girls" and then took Page 2 with him to visit Leah's brother. After everyone left, we settled in and relaxed. It was nice to see so many of the friends on Sunday. Little D and I drove separately to get there on time and Page2 commented at the WT study twice! After eating lunch, I packed the car, said good-bye to everyone including Miya and headed home. It was a really nice drive - bright sunshine, trees changing colors, cool breeze, radio cranked up and taking my time. Got home, unloaded the car, changed clothes, upped my make-up a little and headed back out to a going away party for a couplewho are moving to Panama to serve where the need is great! They are both wonderful individuals and as a couple - even better. I know they will live a great adventure.It was so nice to be with so many old friends. Even though I was exhausted from the weekend and the long drive home, once they cranked up the music - I had to dance! It was so much fun and brought back memories of dancing for hours with the friends. How can people not move when the music plays?The dancing started with a new "group" or "line" dance I had never done before but got the hang of pretty good. Of course that was followed by the famous Electric Slide which still works for me. I got to dance my old way with a handful of people who know how. Of course I had to get a picture of just a few of my favorite people who were there also.I am looking forward to dancing at the wedding next week now that I know I've still "got it"! Of course I'm not sure if anyone watching me thinks I've "got it" but hey - let me have my delusions. I wish I could put all the pictures up here - so many good ones of loved ones but no more room. I know J and J will love Panama and will have many wonderful experiences to share with us.

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