Saturday, October 31, 2009

Letting go....

While Rosemary and I were enjoying our wonderful dinner last night, I bemoaned the loss of my old dining room (really kitchen) table and chairs. I've known ever since we remodeled the kitchen and living room that my old one was too dark - really even before then. I bought the old one barely used from a "by marriage" cousin/niece? around 1972 I believe. It had two leaves and 6 chairs. I was thrilled to get it and immediately had a small luncheon to celebrate. Alas - it was not to last - one of the ladies was trying to help and drug the metal part of one of the leaves across the top of the table gouging out a big scratch. So much for new!That table has seen a lot of meals - both with and without the leaves. It was the perfect height and size for my little kitchen and worked very well for me as a work table while preparing meals. Big D bought a big can of furniture stripper and it took the entire can to strip one chair and it was still very dark. It was soft pine so it would never have looked right. He also checked and it would have cost over $600 to strip it alone. I paid the whopping big price of $150.00. I used tons of pretty table cloths and decided to just live with it because it was one of the few round tables I've experience that was very sturdy and stable. I have a friend that has a table and chairs I would love to have but they didn't want to sell it. Then not too long ago, some friends were moving and I bought their table and 4 chairs.We didn't need the leaves and the table is much bigger than mine and much lower. None of my tableclothes fit it! It already had a few scratches so no worry about it being kept new! The next door neighbor's Dad saw our old table on the porch and we gave it to him. I wonder if he still has it? I wonder if he enjoys it? I know - LET THE OLD TABLE GO. When I sent pictures of the new one in a text message, Little D sent back he was grieving for the old one - my sweet sentimental baby boy!

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