Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dragonflies and Mushrooms......

Big D knows how much I love dragonflies so he got my camera awhile back and got some picture of a big one that was on the antenna in his boat.I'm not sure when my love affair with them came about but I find them beautiful. I also love big mushrooms of various shades - maybe I should have been a fairy if they were real....just kidding. I do love the little movie about Tinkerbell though - imagination - where would we be without imagination. What a dull and boring world. I took these pictures of the mushrooms in Elizabethton, TN last year when we worked in seldom worked territory up there. They were near the Kingdom Hall.I think I passed my love for mushrooms onto my children. I remember as a child kicking a mushroom and black powder came out of it. My Gma King said it was the Devil's snuff - now talk about imagination. :-) Hmmm - Guess what? I just Googled Devils Snuff and look what came up.
Devil's Snuff Box poisoning: Devil's Snuff Box is a type of mushroom which has an extremely ugly appearance. These mushrooms are very poisonous and can cause death if eaten
. So I guess she was a whole lot smarter than I gave her credit for after all wasn't she. I wonder how many other "sayings" of our elderly were right on target? Probably a lot more than we could imagine.

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  1. I love dragonflies, Mushrooms, AND Old People! Great blog! ;) j/k ...well actually I do! Dragonflies because they are beauuuuutiful! Mushrooms because they remind me of woodland creatures! And old people because they are beautiful and tell the best stories!


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