Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whew --- I'm getting there...

Ordered more of Page 2's pictures for us and boy are they pricey but gorgeous. Page is getting excited about her upcoming trip with the girls. They are going to a Florida beach this year. These are from one of their previous trips to the Georgia Coastline.Hope they have good weather and enjoy themselves. Had another full day in service today ending with two studies - Shen and Eileen. I have only 5 hours to go to be caught up with my time(from working the first two weeks of the service year) and hopefully will get ahead a little as I'm wanting to go to the beach a few days early next month. Today was a cloudy and rainy day but we needed it and everything was good. My beautiful niece sent me this picture that I love.It is called Ladies at My Door - you will notice two women outside the screen door downstairs. It was painted by an artist who would be interrupted by "us" every Wednesday while he was painting so he painted them into the picture. Great artist with a great sense of humor. You have to love it. Worked with one of my favorite young sisters today and her little boy and girl.Such well behaved babies. I'm also happy to say we got Big D's bills done and I'm working on Sales Taxes so he is ready to go to the beach Thursday. It is so very late but I couldn't sleep so I added some pictures to old posts. Going to see Fame with Roseanne tomorrow night - looking forward to it. Supposed to be sunny and upper 70's tomorrow so should be a gorgeous day for service. Nite

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