Monday, October 19, 2009

Weddings and good friends......

What a really nice weekend! Was so hoping the weather would hold warm and sunny for this weekend but it is not to be. Got to wear my new black sweater for cold weather a lot sooner than I anticipated! The trip up was good even though I was hoping to get away a little earlier. Then I got there and decided to pop into the great Goodwill close to Little D's house! Got a few things and got to their house after dark in the rain safely - praying all the way! Wasn't too bad as the after work traffic had thinned out. Keith got there a little later and we could all breath a nice sigh that we all made it safely. Leah made a pot of Stew and it was yummy. So much fun catching up with everyone. The next morning was fun with Little D fixing me a yummy omelet(ignore the woman with the knife - he has that affect on some people). Keith wrote to his BS and Fran got a foot massage from her lovely daughterand of course the kids did what they do best these days - they competed on their little video thingamajigs. Can you tell how hi-tech I am?Everyone got ready for the wedding and got there right at 4pm - still cold and little rainy and we were following the GPS. Roseanne was waiting in the lobby to tell us they were holding the wedding up for us!!!! Then we were seated on the front way (behind the bridesmaids) with Roseanne and her family. What a honor! Everyone was beautiful but I'll have to say Roseanne's shoes outdid everybody's there! She was as beautiful as the bride who was radiant.I know her eyes are closed in this one but I just love this picture for some reason. The wedding talk was one of the best I have ever heard and believe me - I have heard a lot of wedding talks. Maybe it was because it was because of who was getting married. That could have something to do with it. The reception was in a local hotel and the grooms family decorated everything beautifully. It was so funny because we all headed for the hot coffee as soon as we arrived. Wish I had room for all the pictures - will put up a few of my favorites including this one of Little D with Roseanne's oldest son who is recovering from his accident a little bit each day.Of course his beautiful bride makes every room light up with her lovely smile. When I think of Roseanne's daughter-in-laws - I can't imagine she could have gotten better ones if she had hand picked them herself. Of course I feel the same way about my beautiful daughter-in-law Leah.She was also beautiful and I love this picture of Little D and Katy but hate it cut Page's head off. The music was good for dancing and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I hope the bride and groom have good memories of their special day forever. We had a nice turnout from the friends in Durham who were all happy to celebrate this special occasion also. I was surprised I could get in line to have my picture made with dear Keithsince he is such a hot commodity these days. He has always been sought after by so many friends but now that he has enjoyed the privilege of attending MTS - all the women really want to have their pictures taken with him (he's going to kill me for that). It was so nice that Roseanne's brother came from California - it made me very happy for her.I told him how happy I was he was able to change things around and be able to come. He really wanted to be with her for this and to show his support to her for all she and her family have been going through but now the sun is shining again and everything is feeling more right with the world. I wish I could put all the pictures here but I'm sure if anyone is reading this, they have already cut the computer off by now! The ride home on Sunday was really nice - warm sun, cool air - my time of year! Came the back way all the way and it was beautiful. One day I'm going to travel the way Keith went but it has to be a very pretty day for that.

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