Saturday, October 31, 2009

The circle of life.....

I just had to share what some of "my girls" did for me awhile back. I finally found some pictures and feel a need to acknowledge a wonderful act of kindness by some of my favorite people. I had my surgery on March 17th and my recovery took a little longer than I anticipated. As it turns out, there was more to the surgery than I anticipated also. On March 26th, two of my spiritual daughters and another young sister I have come to love dearly after working with her every day for over a year decided to come over and cook breakfast for me. Before you knew it, I was surrounded by three darling little boys, two gorgeous baby girls and three beautiful young women taking over my kitchen with wonderful smells filling the house.Of course the food, association and delicious babies were wonderful. Big D "happened" to show up about the time everyone got through eating and sat down to feast on the delicious food himself.Then we sat around chatting and holding baby girls and yelling at wild banshee boys and it brought back so many memories of the times my girlfriends and I would take our babies over to GG's, nurse them, lay them on blankets on the floor and sit around drinking coffee till our insides shook talking about husbands, children and life until it was time to nurse them again.
Later Ann wrote on her Blog about that day and how much it meant to her to know she had joined a group of women who chose to be stay at home Moms. Women need other women - especially busy young Moms and sadly a lot of them don't realize that and it's a shame because they miss out on so many wonderful things including understanding and strong support. Uh Oh - I feel a song coming on - I can't help myself......It's the Circle of Life, And it moves us all, Through despair and hope, Through faith and love, Till we find our place, On the path unwinding, In the Circle, The Circle of Life. Thank you for the wonderful memory LR, JT and HS.

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