Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who Do Fondue?????

We do Fondue. Thank you Roseanne for such a lovely evening and I truly, truly needed it. I think I also needed some alone time with just me and you - it has been too long. Going to a movie just wasn't getting it since we don't talk during movies and both have such busy schedules. The meal was delicioso as was the wondeful wine, great server, and exceptional conversation! I also enjoyed our long, meandering walk to World Market (even though I protested a tiny bit) and needed that walk and I think felt better for it. I can't wait to wear our new earrings. Thanks for helping me find my new winter "service hat". I love hats but can NOT wear one for long periods of time - never have been able to.I just realized as I got my bag to take these pictures - I have YOUR earrings too! I'm so sorry - I remembered to remind you not to forget your flowers - you might want to lose that card - and then forgot to give you your earrings. Oh well - we are going to the movie again soon so just remind me to bring them. Oh - and we need to look at our books along with Katarina and decide what we are going to make from our Julia Cookbooks - BonJour - Bon Appetit- Love you bunches dear friend.

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