Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I love that word - how I like to spend the little bit of free time I get from time to time these days. Glad the sun came out today - need it for my memories of Mama - wanted it to be as pretty as that last week was for her with the sky blue and clear, the trees brilliant with their Fall colors and the air clear and comfortable. It was so dark and cold when Daddy died - when Mama called me to come up there to help, there was still some snow on the ground. Every time I try to upload a picture of Mama and Daddy - it will not allow it. Maybe I'll take a picture of a picture with my camera and that will work. Speaking of family, I had to upload this picture of Kris and Katarina.Could they resemble more if they were actually related? Roseanne and I laughed - they look like sisters and they married brothers. They are both tall, slim, artistic, unique, loving, warm, kind and beautiful inside and out. Speaking of meandering - our lovely Court (great niece on hubby's side) has the best job ever. She takes 6 month long assignments all over the country where her apartments are provided and she and her lovely doggie just jump in the car and move! I love this picture from her last assignment in the Northwest.She is back now and her next assigment is closer to home in Virginia. I got to see all the girls this past Friday when hubby's nephew came up from Florida to see everyone. It is hard to believe he is 60 and looks great as usual. I know - how do we have a 60 year old nephew - hubby's sister is quite a bit older than we are - her daughter and I grew up and we went to school together. She is a little younger than I am and loves to tell people I am her Auntie - cute. Speaking of sweet people - I love this picture of Bry and his lovely daughter at the pumpkin patch.He sure does love his little girl. He is my hero - turns out he loves to clean cars and I love to get mine cleaned so we have worked out a nice little arrangment when our schedules allow it - I pay him to do what he loves. It also allows me time to visit with my beloved Mae. How great is that? One more meandering and then I have to get up from here. I didn't go out today because I was up most of the night and decided it was time to take a day off. Since Big D is going fishing, I'll make it up on Saturday. Now that all my sisters and I are officially senior citizens at least in Kroger's eyes, I thought I would update our pictures. LOL. What do you think? I fell in love with it when I saw it - at least we are all smiling.

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