Saturday, October 31, 2009

Out of clutter, find simplicity...Albert Einstein

Recently I posted a similar quote from Einstein and then found it along with this picture on another site. It is ME!After seeing it for the second time today - I HAD to put it here. Maybe if I notice it, it will make me get up from this computer and get busy DE-CLUTTERING this tiny little house I live in. I have to have the most patient hubby in the world - of course, he does complain about the pillows I have scattered about and doesn't seem to notice his own back porch! I keep asking myself - Why are you holding on to all those books, tapes, CD's, workbooks that teach Spanish? I can't even make out what people are saying in English - how can I learn Spanish? I'm not as bad as several of my sisters but I need to take control right now and get rid of......STUFF. We had the whole house painted several years ago and we had to climb over piles of furniture and "stuff" in every room. I asked him if it was like this in every house he painted and he said - "normally the houses I paint are over 2 to 3 thousand square feet (mine isn't quite one thousand) and it has about half the stuff in it yours does"! :-( Those poor people - all that room and they don't have half the stuff? That is sad. NOT!!!! I guess I have lived long enough that the little things I have accumulated all mean something to me -- I have never had closet or storage space and have run out of walls and drawers. Ijust joined Flylady - a site that is supposed to help you learn to not only de-clutter but keep it that way. We'll see.

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