Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love is in the air.....

It appears that love is still in the air - we have several more weddings scheduled in the near future and I wouldn't be surprised to hear of another one soon after those. When I think of JH - I remember her as that dark-headed little girl that was so close to Lauren growing up. Her Mom is so blonde and light but that was not to be for this pretty young woman.I've been following several of her adventures - one of which she is realizing right now - serving where the need is great for 3 months in the Dominican Republic. It appears another adventure was developing along with this one - and that is her "close" friendship with Mr. Brown from Cleveland. I was able to see some of his pictures on FB but it was hard to find one where they weren't goofing off and making funny faces. I finally met him at the CA in Salisbury and again at Lauren's wedding.All reports are he is a really nice young man with a wonderful family so we shall see what we shall see. Love is in the air everywhere I look around; Love is in the air every sight and every sound....Ahhhh to be young and falling in love. Don't really want to go back but do enjoy remembering those days. Mama used to talk about when her and Daddy were courting. Always gave me a warm feeling in my heart to hear how her voice would change when she talked about how when they went swimming, she couldn't swim so she would have to hold on around Daddy's neck. Mama and Daddy had been married 47 years when he died - Big D and I are coming on our 44th year December 10th - and my sister Rose and hubby Wayne over 51 years now. Where did the time go. I still get a nice feeling when I have my memories too.

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  1. The other day I told Dawn S that the dress she wanted to get for Katie's wedding went on sale. She said "doesn't that figure! Now that the weddings are over!" and I say, don't you know, there will be a ring on JH's finger as soon as she lands in the USA! She said "very true!" I hope she gets the dress...or else I will! JH and PG are cute together! I'm so happy for them :D


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