Friday, October 30, 2009

Caught Up........

OKAY - I am finally caught up with my time! Let me hear it out there - Woo Hoo!The really good news is I enjoyed every single minute of it and am looking so forward to a wonderful year.I couldn't have done it without all the support we get from the Durham East's pioneers and ultra-regular mid-week publishers! Thank you all so much! It has been so cloudy the last two days and today it was a little cool. Tomorrow they are calling for near 80 degrees. Welcome to the South! I am really looking forward to a nice dinner with Roseanne tonight at The Melting Pot.The last time I had fondue it was dinner at Roseanne's oldest son's house on our way home from a CA in Salisbury. What a lovely meal that was. We didn't go to the movies this past Wednesday and she felt yucky last night so I'm happy she is feeling better. I'm going to celebrate getting caught up and we are going to celebrate her dear hubby finding a good job, her oldest son being on the mend, her baby girl is married, her new granddaughter is doing well and her youngest son and beautiful Katarina are thriving along with the two darling grands. We have a lot to celebrate! Big D's fishing trip ended early - between being cold, windy and rainy and his motor messing up - they called it a day and came back tody so he is going to drive me to the restaurant and Roseanne is bringing me home. Since I'm not going to be driving - I may just have to have a glass of wine! Yum

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