Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pioneer Meeting....

I prepared a small lunch to go, picked up the other three sisters who were riding with me and off we went to Salisbury with a clear blue sky, puffy white clouds and a nice cool breeze. What a wonderful afternoon! The first excitement came when I discovered my spiritual Mom was present and we got to sit with each other!She has been in full time service since 1964. I met her when she started studying with my older sister around that time and then she studied with me starting in August of 1966 - 8 months after my marriage. I was excited to hear her youngest son and his wife started regular pioneering this month! So many dear friends to see in such a short period of time. Gail and this lovely long-time pioneer who serves in my sister's congregation show with their smiles how happy they are to meet again under these circumstances!The program was filled with fantastic experiences being shared by many. One of our pioneer elders and a pioneer sister from our congregation had a parts so the East was well represented. They both did us proud! Keith was excited because he found an old friend of Cat's!They were both happy to see each other still going strong in the full-time service after all these years! It made me and Keith feel so warm seeing how happy they both were. And of course how could we leave out this dear brother who has been so instrumental in the roll of spiritual mentor to Roseanne's oldest son! He and his wife are both beautiful! He could encourage a rock to go into full-time service!We decided as a group to stop and eat together on the way home - we wanted to keep the excitement going a little while longer. Gail and Keith couldn't join us as they are staying over for the Circuit Assembly tomorrow and have to be there really early! We also had the pleasure of Lin being with us.She pioneered in the East for a long time but she and her dear hubby are seving in the Spanish congregation now. It was such a delight to be with her to catch up a little! It was good to see her recovering so well after her auto accident. I keep trying to figure out how she keeps looking younger and I keep looking older!!! What's up with that? Her dear hubby keeps my Old Ava (my Avalon) running. He knows I plan to drive her into the new system!

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