Monday, February 1, 2010

5th Monday of the Year 2010 and flexibility....

Here we are in the 5th Monday and 2nd Month of the year 2010. I took some pictures of the icicles hanging outside my bedroom window yesterday. It made me remember other snows we had in the past and how big our icicles would get. This was before we put the new roof on and Big D decided no more gutters so our icicles aren't as big as they used to be. I looked out the window this morning and they were all gone. The sun is very bright today and it should warm up to somewhere in the 40's, so hopefully, the roads will get better. I love looking out on the snow - it is so quiet with only the footprints of animals as they explore this white world they wake up to. Big D started my car and swept all the snow off the windshield so we could get out long enough to drive about a mile to the drug store to pick up a prescription yesterday. It was pretty rough out there and we were glad to be back home safe and sound. Everyone has been sending pictures of sledding and playing in the snow for the past few days so I'm glad they are enjoying themselves. After looking at a few pictures I asked Big D, are we officially old since we have absolutely no desire to get out there and lay in the snow? His answer - "Yes - thank God". LOL I have always enjoyed walking in the snow and being out in the woods when there was a nice snow that evens everything out. I was caught with my pants down this year because I never got around to replacing my winter boots. Oh Man! Not sure how I will handle navigating people's yards this week once we get out and I am definitely NOT going to purchase any while there is snow on the ground. I was already planning to wait until they all go on sale. I don't want anything fancy, just something with good traction that will keep my feet warm and dry and not hurt the top of my feet due to my high arches. Now to move on to flexibility. This is a word that is tossed around quite a bit so I thought I would pull the correct definition of flexible which is: responsive to change; adaptable: a flexible schedule. Hmmmm - along the line of icicles, they are certainly not flexible, they either melt or fall and break into many pieces. I have always wished my body were more flexible but it isn't and never has been. My daughter took Pilate's years ago and did so well with it. When I was laid off from my job back in the early 80's, I took some dance exercise classes from a local dance company that supported themselves by giving lessons and having dance exercise classes for some of us. I did quite well in some areas but it was here that I learned how deformed my poor old knees really are. (You didn't think I was going to put a picture of my own knees on here did you? LOLOLOL) There have always been some stretching exercises that I just could not do no matter how much I tried. Even when I was younger and would do cheers, if it required me going to my knees, the pain was so bad as soon as my knee would touch the floor, I couldn't get back up. If I need to get on my knees now, I have to have pillows and even then, it is very painful. It turns out that if I were born today, they would break both my legs and re-shape them and I would have lived a large portion of my first few years in casts. That explained a lot - wasn't what I wanted to hear but it still helped me understand that it wasn't from lack of trying. You would think this would be enough to make me lose weight wouldn't you? Yeah - right. I do try to be flexible when it comes to schedules and plans which is good because my dear friend from down East called earlier to say she thought this upcoming weekend would not be a good one for me to come because of the weather. I went on-line and sure enough - they are calling for wintry mix tonight and in the morning but turning to rain in the afternoon with a high in the 40's. It is supposed to be cloudy Wednesday morning with a high in the 50's and sunny in the afternoon but freezing rain and rain on Friday and part of the day on Saturday. She is so right - so we have a new plan - IF Big D goes down with his friends, I might still go and we will vegetate inside and cook, watch old movies and read tons of magazines together just because we can BUT the real plan is for me to go down Thursday, March 11th and come back the following Monday barring any other unforeseen occurrences! That way we can still do the fun things we wanted to do outside! Woo Hoo. Flexibility - my word of the day. Oh Man - I just looked at the calendar to see when I was going down and realized today is the date Big D and I moved Page to Atlanta back in 2002!!!!!! It was hard enough taking her down there and leaving her thinking she might stay gone several years but 8 YEARS!!!! Yikes - that is just too many years of missed adventures, shopping trips, movies, meals, and hugs and kisses with my baby girl. Bah Humbug - is my new word of the's MY pity party and you aren't invited. "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to; Cry if I want to, cry if I want to; You would cry too if it happened to you" Now I 'm thinking about how long Kurt and Leah have been living away from here too! Wow - that was pretty flexible - I went from being all perky about my little upcoming trip down East to be with a special person in my life to being a spoiled rotten brat who wants to have a Pity Party. Amazingly, those can be pretty fun too - especially if alcohol is involved. Oh yeah - that pity party is looking better all the time. I normally like to have that kind of party with my friend Roseanne who is visiting her daughter and new granddaughter out of town this weekend so I'll hold that thought until she gets home. She is really snowed in up there! We can have one together and talk about how we thought we were being good Mama's but for some reason, all of our children except for her one son his wife and children live away from us. I can't have this pity party with my friend from down East because all her children moved closer to her when she and her hubby relocated down there. What does that mean? Roseanne? What does it mean????? LOL


  1. It means nothing. and the baby is absolutly adorable!!1LOL

  2. It means that we are the good children that deserve extra spoiling!! hahaha!


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