Friday, February 26, 2010

Still winter, still cold but bright sunshine all day....

After having a cold rainy Wednesday all day and then Thursday starting out the same way, I am so happy to be able to say Whoo Hoo! Finally - a bright sunny day ALL day! The wind blew hard and cut through you like a knife but it was worth it to be in the sun. We started out walking from door to door but finally gave that up and resorted to driving to each house. I worked with a young couple today that I absolutely adore. They are both wonderful and so much fun to be with and around. We enjoyed watching them interact as they walked to the door and one really funny thing was when the wind blew the house to house record out of Rie's hand and she was running all over the yard trying to catch it, jumped a creek and went into the woods to finally pluck it from a tree branch it had landed on. We were laughing so hard and enjoying her youth and exuberance to the Nth degree. If you look back you will realize she is also the one jumping on the snowboard! I like my new hair cut and it held up pretty good in the wind today. I washed it before the meeting last night and used a curling iron in a few places and was
pleased. Big D took a picture of the back and I tried to get a few of the sides. I really think I'm going to like it but we'll see after it grows a little. I left quite a bit of length in the back and on the sides. After my shower last night I realized we were almost out of our wonderful soaps. I like to buy large Hand or French Milled Soaps as I have found they last so much longer, create more creamy suds and are more cost effective than the cheaper brands. Yep - I'm a Soap Snob! You can find some great soaps at places like TJ Maxx and a few other stores like it. I don't like strong fragrances but just opened one of my favorites. I love the fragrance of Pear Soap. My dear friend Ann had a wonderful shop and I became addicted to a Pear Soap she carried. Yum. She also got me hooked on the homemade soaps they sell at Whole Foods that I buy now in blocks for the kitchen. I miss her shops (she had two in different locations) and I know there are times she probably does too but at least she has the satisfaction of knowing she was able to have a dream come true and how many people can say that? Ann is so talented in so many ways. I love reading her Blog and following the adventures of her lovely little family. I hope she will be able to continue feeding the strong hunger she has to express herself. She has a talent for making the simplest acts special - from turning lunch for her kids into an adventure to helping them feel free to express their own creations and talents. I can't wait to see her next entry. Miss you Ann.

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