Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, friends and family

Well we have had a pretty good share of snow - much more than we have had in many years. I think maybe Kurt, Leah and Page2 have had more than they want up where they live but for us it has been so good - especially for younger ones who were able to get out and actually go sledding. Rie is originally from CT and loves snowboarding so she has really had fun. She is a very multi-talented young wife, mother, regular pioneer and beautiful woman. I had to share the one of her jumping - believe me - I'm sure this little hill was quite tame for her but at least she got to do a little of what she loves. The pictures people have been sharing really brought back some great memories of when we used to get more snow than we do now. I remember going out and staying until you felt like a popsicle, coming in the thaw and dry your socks and then go right back out again. Fun! Fun! We haven't had a snow like this here in quite awhile so it has been nice looking out at it. Again, I wish I had purchased those boots. I planned to wait until winter had passed so they might be on sale. Watch - as soon as I buy new boots, I'm not going to need them for years to come! But hey - at least I'll be prepared next time - right? I did miss walking in the snow this year - the crisp air on your face, the crunch under each footstep, the quietness the blanket of white brings to everything. Sadly, Kurt and his family got slammed again and might get even more. I think they are pretty much over snow!

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