Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oops - everyone makes a boo boo sometime...

This is so funny. Someone sent me an email with a link to Dr. Oz and his show. It seems he had done a show about High School Reunions and guess what YearBooks he had pictures of?It is so funny - these are some of our YearBooks! As a matter of fact, I have every one of these on my shelves in the hallway. They are not like this anymore - they are not hardback and not nearly as big - I miss the colorful hue of our old books but like everyone - we need to be as green as we possibly can. You can tell they got smaller as time has passed. For a period of time, I read every word in the YB but I have to admit that hasn't been the case these last few years. It makes me remember what Keith's dad asked me when I told him I wanted to be a regular pioneer. He said there were three things - support of spouse, schedule and would it rob me of my joy? The last one was a little confusing but he explained it this way. Since we have been getting the WT - CD - I have thoroughly enjoyed doing research on so many levels and would my not having as much time impact that? Well guess what? It has but the benefits I have received from the ministry just makes those nugget I'm still able to fine more important to me so it was an okay trade-off. I have the new YB and will definitely try to read as much as possible but know that I'm out almost every day doing what I have been commission to do so I'm okay. You know what? I keep trying to find something for my Family Study and I think this is going to be it until I finish reading the entire book. There - that feels better.


  1. how funny. Yes I need to be better about reading everything.

  2. I promise myself with every release, magazine, etc., etc., - alas - I am a procrastinator who needs to study things with the congregation or public to force it.


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