Thursday, February 18, 2010

Page, Bentley and Page2 - Spring time near?

I ran across a few picture's of Page, Page2 and Bentley from last year when the Pages got to have some time together in GA. Kurt and Leah had gone to Florida to visit a friend and it was a perfect opportunity for the two Pages to be together. Page and Bentley really showed her a wonderful time - roller skating on the Comet, Calloway Gardens which has something for everyone including bike rides, nature trails, butterfly houses and the list goes on. I love these two pictures of Page with Page and the other with Bentley. They had a very good time while they were there even though Page2 almost killed Bentley when he was pulling her on the bike w/his.
It also reminds me that Spring will not be far off - at least not as far off as it was two days ago. We have finally had a truly cold winter - the first in a long time and I'm happy about it BUT, I am not definitely looking forward to Spring! I was reading Page's blog and this made me think of her entry talking about the period of time she hated being outside because of a bad episode with poision ivy when younger. I'm happy she finally got over that fear and absolutely loves being outdoors as much as possible these days. I think she will be happy to be home tomorrow - I know Bentley and I will be glad when she is back. I spoke with him awhile ago and he was happy to hear she sounded better. He also let me know he is now on light duty and that gave me a reason to smile too. Now to just get the surgery over and move forward. Remember - if you click on the pictures - you can see them closer and you will see how handsome our Bentley really is. :-)


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