Saturday, February 13, 2010

More cold, more snow, baby girl sick......

I think I'm being honest when I say Kurt and his family have had it with the snow. Too much of a good thing is just that - too much! Last weekend, Kurt had to stay at work to shovel people out while Leah and Page2 stayed at home keeping the home fires literally burning and shoveling the driveway. Yep - they are both DONE! On top of that, Leah was taking Page2 to her Mom's yesterday(school out again) so she could get to work and was on a nice stretch of road in a nice development and BAM - almost went into a ditch and got stuck in a snowbank. You can see where Kurt is trying to dig it out. That means she was late to work again and he had to leave work to come get her out. They have dug out so many times and then they would get more on top of what was there. Their landlord could see they were "snowed under" (sorry I - couldn't help myself) and had their driveway scraped and yet it snowed again this weekend. Not as much but Leah just called to say they were on their way over to shovel the road and driveway to her Abuela's house so she can keep Page when/if school is open on this coming week. They have had some fun with it too though. Leah's brother has a big truck and has helped them get to work at times. He also took time to have some fun with Page. There is this really big hill cut into the mountain right behind their house and they decided to sled down it.

The one above is Page coming down the hill by herself. Don't forget to click on picture to see it clearer.

This is where Page and her Uncle ended up when they came down together. He told Leah he had his feet dug in the whole way. The next picture will show you where they almost ended up. Yep - in the CREEK!
And the next one is showing how Page felt about her Uncle almost dumping her in the CREEK!
But doesn't the driveway look much better! :-) So they had some fun along with all the hard work. Poor Kurt didn't haven't as much fun - he had to shovel people out constantly and work on furnaces most of the time.
The funny thing is most of the snow this weekend was from us down into the deep South including GA. I talked to Page1 last night and bless her heart, she is sick as a dawg. This isn't a good thing on many levels. She is supposed to fly out to Europe Monday morning and there is no way she can fly being as sick as she is. It makes her feel so bad because people went the extra mile (and extra $$$) to get her in this class. I did speak to her briefly this morning and she didn't have a fever. We'll see. I don't think they got enough snow to keep the flight from taking off so she will have to decide by tomorrow what to do. It didn't help that she started feeling sick early in the day but the spent most of the afternoon with Bentley's medical appointments and tests. It looks like surgery will be needed before it was anticipated. He is also going to have to get some things changed with his job. I hate when my baby girl is sick so far away from me. But I'm grateful she has someone to take care of her and someone else to snuggle. CoCo - go snuggle Page! LOLOL

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