Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow - time does fly doesn't it. It seems like just yesterday we were driving down to Kittrell to bury Daddy but it was 30 years ago. That means Page was 8, Kurt was 4, I was 33, and Big D was 35. We were all feeling a little lost that day. Memories - opening his drawer and smelling his Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Opening his closet and smelling his clothes every day after he died for a long time. Scrubbing his head real good sometimes when he was washing his hair. Rubbing his feet at the end of the day with alcohol. Cutting the hairs in his ears when he got older and hated having to ask for help with that one cause it meant he was getting older. I think I inherited his love of having someone rub parts of my body (ergo - love massages)!
I still miss him - so many things I have wanted to share with him over the years that I know he would have enjoyed hearing. I also think he would have loved seeing how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren came from his loins. He always loved being one of the few who had so many children at school functions and he bragged about his smart beautiful girls to anyone who would listen. He always wanted what was best for us and was proud of all our accomplishments.
I sent this to everyone on my family and close friends list. I just wanted them to all remember him today too. He would have liked that also.

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  1. Sorry you are missing your daddy. Wish I could have met him, but I do enjoy getting to know your mom and dad through your "journal" :)


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