Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Page!!! No - not a book!

We have another Page to love but this one's name is spelled Paige so it will be easier to determine who we are talking about. Ruth from Florida called Sunday while Roseanne and I were sitting in the sun having our "high tea" to break the news that her beautiful son and daughter-in-law had finally delivered their little girl.Isn't she beautiful? How could she not be with such beautiful parents. I know Ruth will enjoy this granddaughter just as much as she has her other one who is now a teenager. (Check out the girl riding a horse in a previous entry.) Nothing like another little girl to make me smile. hummmmm - Wish I was holding her close and smelling her new baby smell while rocking right now - is there any better feeling in the world? Makes me miss all my babies who aren't really babies any longer. I think this something most Southern born and bred women have in common - that intense love of babies. My mother-in-law loved her some babies which was great because it enabled Big D to not only be used to babies but to know how to enjoy them. I'll never forget the day we brought our first baby home from the hospital - he walked in the door, went straight to the bathroom, washed his hands and arms real good, walked straight to the cradle (we had a wonderful wooden cradle), picked her up and sat holding her for hours. I loved that he was always as aware of our babies when we were out as I was. His Dad enjoyed babies too and would stop by when they were little just to see them for a few minutes. Now that I think about it, his older brother and my Dad would stop by like that too. And life goes on.......

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