Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain, Dentist and 8th Monday of the year 2010

Woke up at 3:45AM and didn't get back to sleep until around 5:30am - Bummer. Woke to a very gray and cloudy day with a drizzle starting by the time we reached the first door and then rain. I hate that since Eileen came out with us this morning and she has been having such a hard time getting out. The fun part was riding in ShelaB's new SUV - so something good did come out of that wreck she and Ger were in other than hurt backs and sore muscles. We finally gave up, ran by the house to pick up my laptop and printer and met everyone back at the KH for letters and telephone calls. This is where I got a big disappointment about a purchase I made this weekend. While I was upgrading my cell phone (I love it - simple but perfect) I picked up something I have been wanting for awhile - a way to have broadband on my laptop when I'm at the KH writing letters (to look up addresses), at the beach during vacations (2-4 times a year) and when/if I ever get back down to GA to visit Page without having a monthly fee. I thought I had finally hit on a great plan until I locked into something today that is probably going to require me returning everything and then re-purchasing it with a different plan which I'm hoping will make them come to their senses and "just do it". I think the secret will be to actually go back to the store and let them do it from there. So maybe I will not get down about it just yet. Eileen left us at 11:30 to go home and I definitly didn't blame her - it was so dark all day. We quit a little early and I came home, brushed my teeth and went for my regular cleaning and check-up. I had been out in the rain all morning with the hood of my raincoat over my hair and when I check in at the desk - they take a picture of me for my records. HELLO? So I took out my handy dandy little camera and took their pictures. LOL I really just wanted to get Wayne's picture. He has been working a 3 day a week schedule and Big D told me several weeks ago he found out he has gone to 2 days a week. I called him a "slacker" today and we both laughed. We hit it off the first time I went to him and have become pretty good friends considering we only see each other at least twice a year. :-)I usually have a joke for him but forgot to tell it to him today. Oh well - in 5 months I guess (yeah - like I'll remember that)! I also took a picture of the hygenist who did my cleaning today but decided to just stop with her and Wayne - actually he is my only constant in that office anyway. One of the truly great doctors who actually treats you the way he would want to be treated - a real gem. Big D called and wanted KFC for dinner so that's what we had. It was good but definitely not on my list of healthy foods - which isn't to say I have been doing that great in that department either. Yesterday, Roseanne and I were going to go to the movies after our meetings but it was SO pretty - in the 60's and sunny - that we decided to spend the time outside. We went to the little Cafe in Barnes and Nobles and ordered and split little mid afternoon (high tea?) meal of soup, sandwich, decadent cheesecake and fruit drinks and sat at the tables outside. The sun was warm, the air was cool and people were out and about all around us walking with their kids and animals. We were so glad we didn't spend that time in a dark theater. When we are in the theatre, we can't really talk and get caught up so it was exactly what the doctor ordered!! An afternoon with my dear Roseanne! What could be nicer? At least they are calling for warm weather tomorrow but partly cloudy and then it is going to be cold again. But I think I do feel me some Spring in the near future and that is a good thing. Don't want to wish my year away - we are already in the 8th Monday of the year so I think I will just enjoy this moment now. Going to try to stay awake to watch a little TV and get to bed early for a long day tomorrow.

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