Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still winter, still cold but the sun has come out!!!!

Yep - went back to sleep but gave up after an hour. Had to run over to a dear friend's house this morning to help her with something. I love this house - it represents so many good memories to me from when my children were really small but it also represents one of the strongest women in my life. One I have turned to so many times over these past 42+ years for advice, comfort and just plain old good conversation. The house has changed many times over the past 30 years but it still has the flavor to me it has always had - the flavor of a home full of life. I decided since I was going to already be out I would go ahead and run my errands - so I dressed quickly, put my BeBe hat on and started out. After leaving my friend's house, I went for my pedicure. I decided to not get my nails polished since I'll have them polished all throughout the warm months. I can't tell you how long my nails had gotten or how rough my heels were. When she asked, "do you want them cut?", everyone near us laughed including us. That's bad! Then I went over to Saundra's to get my hair cut. Saundra looks so good. She is so trim and had on a bright green sweater with nice black slacks. We looked at some pictures and decided on what to do and in no time at all - I have a new style! Wow - it only takes one day between needing a hair cut and NEEDING a hair cut! I was two days past the second one and we both laughed about how my hair grows and lays on my gnarly head that is flat as a flitter in the back. Hmmm - I decided I needed to look that term up - I've used it all my life but never knew what it meant. Flat as a Flitter: It is a Southernism, which means very, very flat; In Southern Indiana, Flitters are flat dumplings so "Flat as a Flitter" simply means as flat as a noodle, because that's how flat flitters are. Works for me!

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  1. Can't wait to see the new doe! And I've never noticed a flat flitter head, so your hair stylists have done a good job of hiding it! ;)


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