Saturday, February 6, 2010

People you enjoy being around....

Big D and I were talking about how much we enjoy being around his niece Greene and her entire family. She lives in one of our favorite places at the Coast but comes often to see her Mom and two of her daughters who live in our area right now. Big D called his sister last night to see how she was doing (Green's Mom) and found out she was here and that yes, there was a fire in the fireplace. I had already gotten into my PJ's and bundled up because it was and is COLD, COLD, COLD. After being encouraged several times, I put on my coat and "went as I were" as Mama would say. We had a glass of wine and got caught up and enjoyed two of her three beautiful daughters. The middle daughter is the one getting married in a few months so I enjoyed listening to them talk about some of the plans and the gown she is having made by a new designer. The wedding will be on the sound and then the reception will be near a place Big D and I love and have so many wonderful memories of. She talked us into staying for dinner Chicken Picata, CousCous, Spinach Salad with fresh pears and fresh goat cheese with homemade dressing. YUM. I took a few pictures of her beautiful daughters but refuse to put a picture of someone on my Blog that I don't think is flattering (unless it is of me or someone being funny on purpose). Thanks for the great conversation and meal Greene! PS - I found a picture for Greene's oldest daughter - isn't she beautiful? I think so - and so talented! I'm so proud of and happy for her because she not only gets to enjoy her own talents, she gets to share them with others. She teaches art! I'll keep looking to see if I can find the other one who was with us that night. Fun

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  1. I am all for "going as you were!" I wear my pj"s all day if I never leave the house. And I'm glad you were persuaded to go! :)


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