Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miscellany ...

Miscellany: 1.A collection of various items, parts, or ingredients. We have a "friend" living under our house this winter. We "think" it might be a black cat we keep seeing in our yard. Our next door neighbor came over to see if we had seen her black and white cat and we mentioned the black one (there are really two of them but we have only seen one lately)and the fact we think it lives under our house (the old part - my office and the bathroom). She thinks they get under her house too and I think she puts food out for them. I want to think they belong to someone stupid and that they weren't just put out. I can't bring outside cats in around Miya - she has never been exposed to feline leukemia and I want to keep it that way. We have lost one cat to that and hope to never repeat that in my lifetime. Today as I was looking out back at how bad our back yard really does look now - I saw the bigger one. She has made a nest in those leaves but at least I know she/he can go under the house for shelter and probably a little heat. I tried to get a picture but it is quite blurry. I noticed her yesterday and she is totally black - you can hardly see her eyes she is so dark.
I was also thinking about I.T. today. It still seems unreal to me that he is gone. I know Mae and her children have very hard days but hopefully time will lessen their feelings of pain and loss. This picture was taken 2 years ago - I loved that little twinkle in his eyes when he would look at you. There is still a hole in my heart where he lived for so many years. His son and his family are down at the beach this weekend. His son married one of my beautiful spiritual daughters and she sent me a picture over the phone with the question - Ever See Snow At The Beach? Still one of my favorite views in the world crammed slap dabbed full of wonderful memories of the past 40 years in all 4 seasons. I hope they are having fun. Our snow we got during the night last night is all but gone which is okay with me. I'm still sitting here in my gown and sweat pants just typing away in my "journal". I know Page - I need to get off the computer and get busy on this house. But it truly is like your Gma used to say - you will always have dishes to wash, clothes to iron and floors to sweep but you have to make an effort to live life every day. She was a wise woman in many ways your Dad's Mom was. I loved her dearly. And of course you know how much she loved you. She always made me feel like I had given her a wonderful gift in having you and your brother and being so willing to share you guys with her. She could also kick some serious buttocks playing Scrabble - never know she had a 3rd grade education when it came to that game. :-) I sent Kurt a cartoon from the newspaper the other day. It made me remember how he used to tell me and Daddy that he might move out of our house when he grew up but that he would "never" move far away from us. HELLO! Daddy and I were talking earlier after I called Page to see how she was feeling. I mentioned I hated her being so far away AND sick and he commented that at least we can be proud of the fact they are both productive and strong which is more than a lot of our friends and family can do. What more could you ask for? We aren't going to go there right now - besides, I always promised I would never try to guilt or manipulate my children and loved ones in any way and I plan to hold to that to the best of my ability. If anything, I think sometimes I may over-do it and later wonder if perhaps I should have said something or expressed an opinion. Oh well - it is better to wonder that than to regret that you did put your nose where it wasn't wanted - right? I almost forgot - I had a moment at the meeting Thursday night. If you know me, you know what a Klutz I have always been; falling down stairs, falling up stairs, walking into doors, walking into walls, and many other embarrassing moments. As a result, it is hard for me to be embarrassed because I tend to laugh at myself louder than anyone else. I had a coughing spell at the KH and decided to walk back to the lobby to get a drink of water. As I opened the door to the lobby, I felt something on my shin and as the doors closed behind me, I felt something around my ankles. Upon looking down, I said in a surprised voice - My Slip Fell Off!!! Okay - I was already laughing and when I looked across the lobby and saw Keith about to fall out, I laughed harder. The hard part was when two brothers rushed to my "assistance". They not only "helped" me step out of my slip but we "all bent down together" to pick it up. So I said - "Wow, I must have lost a lot more weight than I thought!" NOT - haven't lost a pound. As a matter of fact, have gained 5 pounds since they put me on BP medicine. Yep - thought I would celebrate. I know - I have to get back on track and be Pro-Active - that will be tomorrow. I called Roseanne because I noticed Norah Jones was going to be in Durham so we agreed we wanted to go and then I remembered - we will be a the beach that week! Oh well - 3 hour show - week at beach. That was a no-brainer. I did want to share Roseanne's beautiful granddaughter Rose. Look at those eyes and that beautiful smile. Bri waited a long time for this little girl and I know she and her dear hubby are enjoying every single moment they have with her. I sneaked this picture off FaceBook. I can't believe I'm on FaceBook. I have made three new friends (friends/relatives of existing friends)and love catching up with people I had "lost" and seeing people's pictures. I have to be careful though - it can become addictive and I am a little OCDC at times. :-) I also have a few people I had to "hide" as I'm sure most people aren't interested (at least I'm not)in their personal agendas. I only have one more thing to share in this Miscellany -Daddy cooked some ribs tonight and I'm in the mood for ribs! Yum! He also wanted me to take a picture of a few left-over eggs he deviled (he made potato salad to go with the ribs). He wanted the kids to see his with the jalapeno on it. Crazy man - guess he will be sitting low in the bowl tomorrow morning - so what's new! Okay - that is all the Miscellany I have for today. Until next time...

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