Saturday, March 26, 2011

14th Friday, 3rd Month of 2011...

Was determined that I would not state the obvious but can't help myself so will just let the picture do it for me. It has been a busy week with some minor surprises and adjustments along the way but overall - an okay week. Eileen is still at the coast getting things taken care of at the cottage to make it more of a year-round - live in all the time piece of paradise. Yeah - I'm jealous but at least I get to steal brief moments at I.T. and Mae's place every year. Kurt seems to be very slowly recovering from whatever his body has reacted so violently to. It appears he inherited that gene of ours that has to tell you loud and clear what it doesn't like - only problem this time being, the doctors can't say exactly what it is. Leah is still liking her job and learning new things. She sent me this picture of Page in the cute outfit her other GMa bought her. There is another shirt that goes with it for the meetings. I can't believe it will be almost another month before I'll see them again - hmmm - feeling a "need" to drive North soon. Not sure I can wait. Page1 has been in training all week and will be out of town all next week for more of the same only this time, she will be part of the training team. She will also be heading to where there is still winter so hopefully the weather will not be too bad. The highest they are calling for next week is 50 and that is the day she is leaving to go back home. We just had a nice long "getting caught up" chat. I had to take my car back to the dealership again - the back window wasn't working right. I could put it up and down from the front but it wouldn't work from the back. Thank goodness it was only the switch that had to be replaced.This is the "loaner" car Cyn got me to use while they had mine. It is a 2010 Chevrolet Impala with only a little over 16,000 miles on it. It is a very nice car but man - like day and night between this one and my older (2007) Cadillac. Look at that beautiful sky - it was a gorgeous day Thursday which made the trip up and back so pleasant.Cyn is always trying to make things easy for me when it comes to my car. I have no problems referring anyone to make that trip up there and let her help them find a car. The customer service is really good and everything they do for you is backed by GMC and their famous surveys. BigD has always been a racing fan and for as long as I've known him a die hard Chevy fan. That is why I was so surprised when he said he had looked at a brand new Impala for me but decided it just wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed having this car as a loaner but it just isn't the same quality as my old Avalon or my "new" Caddie. While I was talking to Page, I got her "vacation" and work travel schedule for the next few months and boy is she going to be busy. I realized I have several things coming up that I need to track better.So I've pulled out my new little "Avian Friends Pocket Planner" that was a gift from Page to me, Leah and several other friends. I had already seen it on Genine's Blog ( Please visit her and see how she and several other artists I follow are putting together their work to benefit the children in Japan. OR you can just go to to see what wonderful things you can purchase that will help the victims in Japan. Both Page and I were a little surprised by the size of this cute little calendar, journal, sketchbook but we still love it. I wish I had Page's pretty handwriting but I'm trying to just relax and enjoy it for myself and not worry about it. She has more of her lovely artwork scattered throughout the book which bring a smile to your face with every little surprise. I have been giving Rose a hard time because she hasn't even started doing their taxes yet but I have also been putting off the last part of ours. That is what I've been putting off all day because I woke up determined it will be ready for our accountant after today. So I'll just look at this lovely picture, take a deep breath and DIVE IN! AAHHHHH - yeah - right!

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