Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best history......

Leah put a picture of Page2 on FB that I fell in love with immediately for so many reasons.Let me see - Reason one - how much Hiro loves his Page2. The reason for that is she pretty much laid claim to him from the day he was brought home. It breaks her heart that Princess Miya isn't quite as accomadating when she visits us. Reason two - she is reading! I know - she is reading Garfield - but I don't care what she reads - I just love that she loves reading! My Mom was never caught anywhere without a book she could open and read. My Page loves reading too - and her Gma N had a lot to do with that. She would read to her all the time when she was younger. Reason three - she is in her bed that has so much family history. It is the first bed I slept in after I was out of the crib. When we were little, there were two full sized beds in our room for us to all share with my baby sister in the big iron crib in my parent's room. When my Gma K visited, there would be three of us in one bed! Mama gave that bed to me after Page got married and left home. I painted it white and put it in her room. At that time, it still had the old iron springs and a mattress. You could almost rock yourself to sleep in that bed then. It was also Leah and Kurt's first bed when they got married and so it goes on. Reason four - I love her little outfit - so cute. Reason - five - I love her and miss her. Got to do something about that sooner than later.Leah sent this picture to me over a week ago so I'm sure it has already flipped to the 200,000 mile mark by now. I love a good old reliable car - don't you? We live in such a throw-away society - we need to start using stuff up before we toss it. Of course that's easy for me to say now that my wore out washer, dryer, refrigerator and car are gone and have been replaced with new ones. I slept late again this morning which I feel is probably what my old body needed but I want to be able to sleep tonight. We'll see. Getting ready to run some errands for Page (drop some things off at mail box) and then I might pick up something for supper. It's another beautiful day in Atlanta. They are calling for rain and thunderstorms but I'm still planning on driving home Saturday - barring any unforeseen occurrences.

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