Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature's Art......

Okay - how do I start? We were in service this morning and decided to make a call on a young man who lives in my sister-in-law's neighborhood. As we turned left, Mike, who was sitting in the back seat asked me to stop and back up - he wanted us to see what he had "spotted" in the woods.As we were backing up - he kept saying - I want you to see this tree - I think it looked like what I thought it looked like but I want ya'll to see it too. So we are like okay.... Well - we can definitely say it looked exactly what he thought it looked like. LOL. A tree with BOOBS!!!! Actually, I think it kind of looks like a pregnant tree with boobs but that's just me. The scary thing was I saw it as soon as we backed up so I got out of the car and walked as far as I could without getting wet to get a few pictures to share with the kids. Maybe we should get a bra or halter top for the tree? What do you think? Of course nature is responsible for so many beautiful things for us to see this time of year including this lonely yellow flower I saw on my way out of the woods. I also got a picture of a lovely piece of artwork made by Keith for his Mom when we dropped by their house for a minute. It hangs on their front porch and everytime I see it, I fall in love with it all over again. I would love to have one to hang outside my front doorso I could see it when we open the door - in blues and greens - two of my favorite colors. Or maybe a smaller frame to hang in my bedroom window but that might not work - Miya loves to sit in that window and would probably knock it down. Cyn called from the dealership and we set up a time for me to take my car up there to have the back window fixed. You can put it down and I can put it up from the front seat but the passenger can't get it back up. She is going to give me a loaner to drive until they get it fixed. I told her about a sound Rie and I heard (so did Mike) while we were out and about this morning but I can't hear it anymore. BigD drove it when he picked up dinner (another one of those delicious new salads from Wendy's) and he didn't hear anything. Must have been something in the tire?I can honestly say I love my hair. Washed it this morning and went out with it still a little wet. Later I ran my hands through it and it did great. This picture was taken after we had been riding all afternoon with the windows down but overall - I'm happy with this hair cut! Wish it always worked out that way - don't you?


  1. I was laughing so hard @ the 'boobs' that I was shaking the bed... which got B intreigued and he laughed too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wouldn't it be great if we loved every haircut? Looks good! The low maintenance ones are the BEST!
    The boob tree is hilarious! The only other place I saw trees like that was when B and I went camping near Asheboro a few years ago. Boob trees and pregnant lady trees all over the place. :)
    You should definitely put a bra on it, that'd be priceless!


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